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I’ll teach you everything you ever wanted to know about rosacea, and give you a plan to heal.

 -Dr. Tara O'Desky

My methods

Three paths to explore:

Clear Skin Reset with Dr. Tara O'Desky & Kristin Cunningham NP:

A Group Cleanse Program

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The Rosacea Healing Method:

A Comprehensive 6-Week Course 

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Private Telehealth Consultation

with Dr. Tara O'Desky

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Discover the foundation of skin health

With specific instruction and guidance on dietary changes, you can begin to heal from the inside out. This is the foundation of healthy skin.

Group Programs

A 4-week group cleanse program is an affordable place to start, offering professional guidance and supplement protocols to begin the process of healing.  

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The Rosacea Healing Method

This 6-week course offers a cleanse protocol combined with an in-depth lecture series about the potential underlying causes of rosacea. The course includes 6 modules of recorded videos, PDFs, audio files, a private Facebook group, 4 instructional guides, and support by Dr. Tara O'Desky.


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Private Consultation

A one hour consultation to review medical history, determine the causes of your rosacea, and develop a specific plan to heal. 


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Rosacea Healing Guides

The most affordable option for those wanting a "roadmap" of what to do, on your own. The 4 guides will give you step by step instruction about what to eat, what not to eat, what supplements to take, what products to use, and how to address demodex mites.


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Nice to meet you!

I’m Dr. Tara O'Desky, a functional medicine skin expert. I lived with rosacea for 20 years, and after reversing it 100% I became passionate about helping others with their chronic skin disease. 

Now I work with patients to help them heal their body from the inside out so they can live a life of gratitude, presence, and purpose.



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